Services for Victims

  • Counseling, Support, & Crisis Intervention for victims, alleged victims, and non-offending family members.  Counseling is free of charge and can be scheduled by calling the Center at (270) 830-8400 or 1-888-989-8400.  Support by telephone, face-to-face visits, and resource and referral information is also available by calling the Center.  After-hours, an automated response system can either link callers to a staff member on call or provide basic information of how to get help.
  • A Child-Friendly Interview Room for use by Law Enforcement and Community Based Services staff.  The room is set up to provide comfort for the child and has the capacity to be observed and video taped through special equipment to prevent the child from enduring multiple interviews.  The Center also has staff members who are trained in the specialty of forensic interviewing and offers this service to Law Enforcement and Community Based Services professionals.  To arrange to conduct an interview or have an interview scheduled, please contact the Executive Director at (270) 830-8400 or 1-888-989-8400.  This service is also available after regular business hours by contacting the Executive Director.
  • Facilitation of the Multidisciplinary Team of Henderson County.  This group comprised of professionals working with victims of abuse, meets monthly to review all cases of sexual abuse to ensure no child is without needed services and to precipitate the prosecution of offenders.  The Children’s Advocacy Center also serves as the Regional coordinator for Multidisciplinary Teams in the Green River District.
  • Specialized Child Sexual Abuse Medical Exams are conducted for children who have made allegations of sexual abuse, when recommended by and coordinated with the investigation agencies.  The medical exam is important to ensure a child is healthy, without injury, or for legal purposes.  CACGRD offers physicians with specialized training to conduct exams.
  • Victim Advocacy and Support is provided by CACGRD staff and volunteers as case management, education, support and information, as well as assistance given to children and non-offending caregivers with the legal and court processes following a disclosure of abuse.
  • Prevention and Training is provided at no charge to participants.  Parent Education, Child Domestic Violence Support Groups, and the nationally recognized and evidence based “Darkness to Light-Stewards of Children” are only a few of the programs currentl